Mandrola on Medscape

  • The Wrongness of Being in Two Places at Once A recent expose examined the practice of surgeons double-booking surgery--and why it is wrong.
  • When a Physician Leaves, We All Lose Dr John Mandrola laments the factors that cause experienced physicians to opt out of medicine.
  • Doctor Doesn't Always Know Best Admitting doctors don't know everything and accepting that risk falls along a continuum can help restore the balance of power in the doctor-patient relationship, according to Dr John Mandrola.
  • Failing Grade for ProPublica's Surgeon Scorecard Dr Mandrola is a strong supporter of more transparency in medicine, but flawed data are worse than no data is his review of the surgeon scorecard from the public-interest journalism group.
  • Redefining the Annual Physical Should we redefine preventive health maintenance? Hint: It involves fearing healthcare rather than disease.
  • Cardiology's Top 10 Stories of 2014 John Mandrola reviews his top stories for 2014 covering more than 20 clinical trials. It turns out that a back-to-basics approach is the breakthrough most likely to yield the biggest benefits.
  • The Simple Reason the Medical-Home Study Failed Dr. Mandrola notes the limits of better management in chronic disease, if patients do not make healthy choices. This post originally appeared at
  • John Mandrola's Top 10 (er, 11) Cardiology Stories of 2013 End-of-life care, social media, and EMRs are among Dr. John Mandrola's top picks for cardiology game changers of 2013.Obamacare, the Sunshine Act, and the cholesterol and BP guidelines also feature.