Hormone Happenings

  • The Endocrinologist's Role on the Psych Floor Providing medical care to patients on the hospital's psychiatry unit offers lessons that extend beyond that floor.
  • Endocrinology Proves Challenging for New Residents Every July brings a new cohort of medical residents, along with new challenges for attending physicians in charge of their training.
  • Better Patient Care? Check! Strategies to improve patient care, especially in the area of diabetes, should focus on interventions that really benefit patients.
  • Insulin Continues to Bedevil Us The exquisite nature of insulin and its relationship with hypoglycemia have made it both miraculous and dangerous for patients and clinicians alike.
  • Are We Losing Our Curiosity? Physical exams engage clinicians in a way that may be lost with the growing reliance on technology and electronic records.
  • 'I'm Not Really an Expert on That...' Being a specialist includes learning about things that you may not actually see in practice, says Dr. Richard Plotzker.
  • Three Incidental Adrenal Masses Have we become so accustomed to the commonplace that we risk diagnostic error?
  • Doctor vs Machine: 'Meaningful Uselessness' Dr. Richard Plotzker shares 6 cases of patient 'misadventures' caused by a meddling computer.
  • 5 Excesses in Diabetes and Endocrinology Eliminating excessive testing and treatment may simply require a return to some old-fashioned practices such as taking a good patient history.