Pediatrics/Neonatal Care Nursing Journal Articles

  • Even the Thinnest Salami Contains Some Meat This editorial comments on a recent study regarding differences in the utilization of albuterol for infants with bronchiolitis.
  • Addressing Declining Rates of Completion in HPV Vaccination A new study shows that not only is HPV vaccination coverage not meeting goals, rates of completion of the 3-dose schedule have declined since recommendations were first made. What needs to be done?
  • Training for Adolescents With Special Healthcare Needs Could this new provider training program help adolescents and young adults with special healthcare needs successfully transition from pediatric to adult care?
  • Helping the Smallest Patients Cope Find out about certified child life specialists, and learn how they could be an integral part of a child's coping experience.
  • Pain in Survivors of Pediatric Cancer: A Prevention Framework This paper applies a biopsychosocial framework to elucidate factors influencing pain in survivors of pediatric cancer, with the aim of tailoring a preventative model for pain care.