International Journal of Health Geographics


International Journal of Health Geographics is an Open Access, peer-reviewed, online journal fully dedicated to publishing quality manuscripts on all aspects of geospatial information systems and science applications in health and healthcare.

International Journal of Health Geographics aims to cover a wide range of interdisciplinary geospatial topics in a health/healthcare context, from spatial data infrastructure and Web geospatial interoperability research, to research into real-time Geographic Information Systems (GIS)-enabled surveillance services, remote sensing applications, spatial epidemiology, spatio-temporal statistics, and even cyberspace mapping. The journal is thus of interest to audiences from many different fields.

Health geographics improves our understanding of the important relationships between people, location (and its characteristics: for example environmental or socio-economic), time, and health; it therefore assists us in discovering and eliminating disease, in public health tasks like disease prevention and health promotion, and also in better healthcare service planning and delivery.

Currently health geographics papers are offered very little room, priority and recognition in peer reviewed journals dealing with medical informatics, public health, statistics or GIS in general. All such journals available today are not specifically focused on the broader spectrum of geospatial information science in health and healthcare, and are at best journals of social medicine, public health, planning and policy with an emphasis on the concept of place. International Journal of Health Geographics is filling this serious gap in existing journals by providing a credible central venue for researchers and practitioners to publish their health geographics research.