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  • The Parent Penalty in Medicine Physicians starting a new family have to pay a heavy toll when they are not given the support they need by their departments and hospitals. Here's how an oncologist is looking to change all that.
  • Why Are BIPOC Physicians Leaving Academia? Physicians who identify as BIPOC are leaving academic medicine in droves. This mass exodus has been intensifying in recent years. An oncologist looks at the one thing that may keep them in academia.
  • Women in Medicine: 5 Tips for Finding Your Voice Speaking your truth and finding your voice are essential as a minoritized woman, especially in medicine. One oncologist shares how she has learned to be her authentic self.
  • Changing the Status Quo for Women of Color in Medicine After facing racism and gender bias throughout her career, an oncologist is uniting women of color around the world to create a league of support and agents of change.