Medscape Blogs - Dr Jennifer Lycette


  • Being Human: The Preexisting Condition of Disease An oncologist reflects on our death-denying culture by looking at our one unifying diagnosis: We are all human.
  • The World Needs to Collectively Grieve Grief should be a communal process. If we don't acknowledge this, we lose part of our humanity. Dr Jennifer Lycette on how we might be missing collective grief and how we begin a conversation about it.
  • A Tale of Two Patients: Female Body Image and Cancer Treatment An oncologist reflects on two patients. One chose to stop cancer treatment rather than gain weight, and another found herself attracting unwanted admirers for extreme weight loss from terminal cancer.
  • COVID-19 and Cancer Misinformation: An Oncologist's Viewpoint An oncologist reflects on the endemic of cancer misinformation in our society and the parallels with COVID-19 pandemic misinformation, and where we may have gone wrong in our public health messaging.
  • Burnout in Physicians vs Pilots: Who's Flying the Plane? They both work in high-stress, high-stakes jobs. But pilots don't have to obtain prior authorization to execute emergency measures to save passengers' lives. How does pilots' burnout compare with physicians'?
  • Shame in Medical Training, and Owning Our Stories Does the medical training culture perpetuate a legacy of shame? A reflection by Dr Jennifer Lycette on how this harms our trainees, and how we can overcome it and change the culture.
  • How Toughness Is a Setup for Burnout Do we confuse toughness with resilience? What Jennifer Lycette learned from a patient about the two to avoid burnout.