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  • Testing and Treating Can Help Normalize COVID and Daily Life As tests and good treatments for COVID become widely and easily available, people should be increasingly comfortable with more normal activities if they know that tests and treatments are accessible.
  • Dos and Don'ts for Post-pandemic Masks With mandates lifted, many people will have extra masks , cloth and KN95. Here are some suggestions, both practical and somewhat humorous, for what to do with them.
  • Clinical Transformation Is the Foundation for Care Improvement Transforming care delivery at the primary care level is the foundation for improving quality and outcomes. Patient-centered processes and focusing on metrics can lead to better care and lower costs.
  • Prices of Prescription Drugs Are Complex and Opaque Prices of prescription drugs are complex and opaque; they are different from patient costs; and high prices drive innovation.
  • Talk With -- Not To -- Your Patients About COVID Vaccines Talking to vaccine-resistant patients can make them less likely to get vaccinated because of their mistrust of authority and strong sense of autonomy.
  • When Hospitals Hurt You, Not Help You A psychiatrist's rant about abuse and substandard care at a local psychiatric hospital and the lack of funding, corrective policy, and advocacy from within.
  • How Doctors Communicate About COVID-19 Explore a doctor's thoughts on why researchers and doctors need to learn how to communicate medical jargon, especially as it pertains to COVID-19, in ways that the general public can understand.