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  • Relieve Physician Stress Through Financial Planning Many stressed physicians can make practical changes to achieve better work-life balance. Financial planning may provide the answers you need to decrease stress and achieve greater work and personal satisfaction.
  • An Intentional Expert Witness Being a medical expert witness is not for the faint of heart. Becoming one at random risks certain moral hazards that can be avoided.
  • Where You Save for Retirement Is as Important as How Much The types of accounts that make up your portfolio matter. If you’re not tax-diversified, you could end up having less to spend than you planned. Find out why.
  • Practical Advice for Those Considering Expert Witness Work Most of us despise expert witnesses, AKA 'testiliars,' 'plaintiffs' whores,' or 'hired guns.' But in the existing legal system, someone has to do it. Here's how to begin responsibly.
  • Do I Really Need $10 Million to Retire From My Medical Practice? The number-one question doctors ask financial planners is 'How much money do I need to retire?' Here are the factors you need to consider.
  • An Accidental Expert Witness A cold call from 'the enemy ' revealed a dirty little secret in our profession : Sometimes we eat our young.
  • An Unwelcome Initiation Rite Being sued is not the most auspicious way to start a medical career. But even the blackest cloud has a silver lining for an idealistic emergency physician.