Tales From Geriatric Practice


  • Abandoned? Harassed? How Patients View Family Visits Both of my patients had families who made visits to their loved one a priority. But neither patient was happy. They had different reasons for that.
  • Beyond Medical Boundaries: Could This Be Witchcraft? There had been an argument. A member of the patient's immigrant community had uttered an incantation. What followed in her medical course could not easily be explained.
  • The Older We Are, the More Unique We Become Despite having one thing in common (their advanced age), my four patients couldn't have been more different.
  • The Peculiar Timing of Death A lesson learned early in my medical career was poignantly underscored many years later.
  • Living to 100 Age 99 was not good enough. My patient enlisted my help to change her advance directive. She wanted to make it to 100, and she wanted the birthday card to show for it.
  • Casanova on the Dementia Unit While my patient's memory faded, his passion for life did not. So, how to resolve the complications and jealousy that resulted from his romantic rendezvous?
  • The Patient Who Changed Her Mind My patient thanked me for not honoring her end-of-life wishes and for saving her life. But that wasn't exactly what happened.