Letters from Maine


  • A Pediatrician Wonders About the Influence of an Unhappy Teacher When should you consider the teacher's role in a child's academic struggles?
  • The Risk of Avoidance If we can't convince our vaccine-hesitant population to step forward for their shots, the US may slide back into dangerous instability. Let's see what the last year and a half has taught us.
  • Tragic Consequences of Ignorance for Everyone A 19-month-old baby was found unresponsive in a crib at her day-care center. She was resuscitated by the daycare provider but is now blind, has seizures, and no longer walks or talks.
  • Helping Parents and Children Deal With a Child's Limb Deformity My decision to accept the risks to reap the benefits of surgery is small potatoes compared with the decisions that the parents of a child born with a deformed lower extremity must face.
  • What Are the Risks of Going Back to School? A few weeks ago I was asked by the head of our local parks and recreation department for my opinion on whether the town should open its summer recreation camps program.