Expounding on Obesity


  • How Dare There Be Effective Drugs for Obesity? When it comes to obesity, it seems many would prefer that no effective pharmaceutical treatments exist, says Dr Yoni Freedhoff.
  • Weighing Children in School: No Good Can Come of It The UK National Obesity Forum is recommending that children be weighed upon their return to school. This would do more harm than good, says Dr Yoni Freedhoff.
  • Medicine Is Failing Patients With Obesity The recent spotlight on obesity and its link to increased COVID-19 mortality risk may be highlighting an issue within medicine itself, before the virus ever appeared, says Dr Yoni Freedhoff.
  • 'Veganuary': 3 Diet Lessons for Patients With the new year come resolutions, and the pledge to live a vegan lifestyle is becoming more common. Are you prepared to help your patients make the switch?
  • Weight Cutoffs for Elective Surgeries: Bias or Economics? What drives weight-based cutoffs for elective surgeries? Dr Yoni Freedhoff finds that it may not be just old-fashioned weight bias.
  • The Low-Carb Community Is Its Own Worst Enemy Do some medical professionals purposefully eschew low-carb diets? If so, the fault may lie with the low-carb community itself, says Yoni Freedhoff.
  • Inspiring Weight Loss: What Works? Despite decades of public health efforts, rates of obesity are continuing to rise. Yoni Freedhoff says perhaps it's time we stop focusing on the individual and go after the village instead.
  • Scaling Back on Weight as a Measure of Patient Health What does the number on the scale tell you about the patient standing on it? Dr Yoni Freedhoff discusses what happens when clinicians place too much importance on patients' weight.