It's a Small World


  • Rising Rates of T1D in Children: Is COVID to Blame? With the pandemic came a noticeable rise in cases of new-onset type 1 diabetes in children. Dr Jessica Sparks Lilley discusses possible explanations for this new trend.
  • The Obesity Risk Everyone Forgets Some predisposing factors for obesity are obvious, but this pandemic highlights an emerging risk factor that healthcare professionals must remain vigilant to detect, says Dr Jessica Sparks Lilley.
  • 'Should My Kid With T1D Go Back to School?' As we quickly approach back-to-school season, parents of children with type 1 diabetes are searching for guidance. Is it safe to return to school with T1D?
  • Fighting COVID-19: 'Everyone Can Do Something' Healthcare professionals in specialty clinics may be wondering how they can help during the COVID-19 pandemic. Dr Jessica Sparks Lilley shares her thoughts.
  • Weight Loss App for Kids: Backlash 'Swift and Severe' Dr Jessica Sparks Lilley takes a critical look at the new weight loss app for kids, Kurbo by WW.
  • Universal Lipid Screening, Statins for Children? Should all children undergo lipid screening? Is it appropriate to prescribe statins to a kid? Jessica Lilley discusses lipid disorders and primary prevention of heart disease in pediatrics.
  • Sticker Shock: Transitioning Teens With T1D to Adult Care For teens with type 1 diabetes, becoming an adult can mean losing continuous care and the insulin they need to survive. What can clinicians do to safely guide patients across the bridge to adult care?
  • We Can't Just Give Up on Obesity A pediatric endocrinologist describes the harsh realities of practicing in the South today and calls on the medical profession to redress 'sins of the past.'