Schapira on Breast Cancer and Survivorship

  • FALCON Breast Cancer Trial: Who's Naive Here? In the FALCON trial, fulvestrant improved PFS in ER+ metastatic breast cancer patients who were endocrine-therapy naive, but the trial failed to answer key clinical questions, says Dr Lidia Schapira.
  • Ribociclib Increases Survival in HR+ Advanced Breast Cancer, But… Ribociclib + letrozole improves PFS in HR+ breast cancer, but Dr Lidia Schapira says more data are needed to identify which patients should receive endocrine therapy alone or combination therapy.
  • The Cancer Survivor in Primary Care   Dr Lidia Schapira stresses the importance of a team approach for the cancer survivor that includes the primary care clinician.
  • How Helpful Is Oncotype DX in Breast Cancer? Dr Lidia Schapira reports on the TAILORx results, in which Oncotype DX identified women at low risk for recurrence, but she says the data cannot be extrapolated to patients at higher risk.
  • Individualized Cancer Survivorship Dr Kevin Oeffinger, cochair of the 2016 Cancer Survivorship Symposium, outlines an approach to cancer survivorship that tailors care the individual across the oncology/primary care spectrum.
  • Tamoxifen or AI: Breast Cancer Subtypes Narrow Choice In early breast cancer, the biologic subtype provides a clue to the optimal choice of adjuvant endocrine therapy, as indicated by data from BIG 1-98 and discussed by Dr Lidia Schapira.
  • Sex After Cancer: The Unaddressed Issue Sex is not a regular topic between oncologist and patient. But Dr Don Dizon says it should be, given that a large majority of cancer patients and survivors have issues of sexual function.