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  • New Syncope Guidelines Take Aim at ED BottleneckThe European Society of Cardiology provides guidance on the diagnosis of management of syncope, with an eye toward safely avoiding costly hospitalizations.
  • Sunlight and MS: New Pieces of the PuzzleNew research suggests the link between sun exposure and reduced MS risk is present throughout life and shows spending time outside in the summer may be more important than direct sun exposure.
  • EMA Panel Rejects Abaloparatide for OsteoporosisThe CHMP has rejected the marketing application for abaloparatide (Radius Health) subcutaneous injection for postmenopausal women with osteoporosis at increased risk for fracture.


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  • Should Physicians Pray With Patients? Many patients want physicians to pray with them. Some physicians may not want to participate, while others don't see any problem with this type of interaction. Does prayer belong in the exam room?
  • Tired of Medicine? 20 Nonclinical Career Options If you are a doctor who is frustrated with medicine, there are many second career choices. Despite the hurdles, it's possible to make the leap. Here are 20 options.


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