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  • Austrian Doctor Asperger 'Actively Cooperated' With Nazis, Study Says Hans Asperger, the Austrian pediatrician who pioneered research into autism and after whom Asperger syndrome is named, "actively cooperated" with a Nazi program under which disabled children were killed, an academic paper published on Thursday says.

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  • VA Nominee Hearing Delayed After 'Serious Allegations' AriseThe top Republican and Democrat on the Senate Committee on Veterans Affairs jointly called for information from the White House on 'allegations' regarding Trump's VA nominee Rear Admiral Ronny L. Jackson, MD.
  • Depression: Novel Gene Variants IdentifiedResearchers have identified 17 gene variants, 14 of which are novel, that potentially increase the risk for depression, adding to evidence that depression is at least partially a genetic disorder.
  • Revised Guideline Ups Hypertension Prevalence in KidsA revised classification table for pediatric hypertension has increased the estimated prevalence of elevated blood pressure in children and adolescents by 20%, a study has shown.
  • FDA Panel Gives Partial Nod to RA Drug BaricitinibAgency officials will need to sort through the competing messages from their advisers as they weigh whether to allow a competitor to Pfizer's Janus kinase drug tofacitinib on the US market.


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  • Doctors: Is Retirement Overrated? Many physicians who retire from medicine find that it's not what they expected; some feel that there is an emotional void when they leave clinical practice. How can physicians adapt to retirement?
  • Would You Report an Impaired Physician? Many Doctors Won't Research shows that although most doctors say they'd report an impaired colleague, many fail to do so when confronted with the situation. What is their reasoning?


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