John M. Mandrola, MD
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John M. Mandrola, MD

Chief Cardiology Correspondent. Clinical Electrophysiologist, Baptist Medical Associates, Louisville, Kentucky


Trials & Fibrillations with John Mandrola

  • The Most Important Study From ESC If you treat patients, no trial at ESC is more important, according to John Mandrola, MD. The results of FRAIL-AF demonstrate the value of humility in science and the practice of evidence-based medicine.
  • ESC 2023 AF Ablation in End-Stage HF: Too Good to Be True? Patients with AF and end-stage heart failure saw a dramatic early benefit from ablation. Some question the findings but others see a subset of patients for whom sinus rhythm makes a big difference.
  • ESC 2023 Pulsed Field Ablation for AF Underwhelming in ADVENT Pulsed field ablation did not live up to the hype and enthusiasm of European colleagues, according to this US-based electrophysiologist, but the results of ADVENT are likely sufficient for FDA approval.
  • ESC 2023 Supporting Evidence for a Common Practice John Mandrola, MD, reviews BUDAPEST CRT from ESC 2023, which supports the practice of upgrading patients with pacing-induced heart failure to cardiac resynchronization therapy.
  • ESC 2023 Semaglutide in HFpEF Cleared a Low Bar Patients with heart failure with preserved ejection fraction and obesity lost weight and felt better while taking semaglutide vs placebo, but was the bar for success set too low in STEP-HFpEF?

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