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  • ASHG Genome Sequencing in NICU Improves Care, Lowers Costs When whole-genome sequencing is used to diagnose genetic disorders in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU), appropriate treatment starts sooner and cost savings are substantial, researchers report.
  • Transfusions From Ever-Pregnant Women May Up Mortality Risk In a large retrospective study, transfusions from ever-pregnant women raised mortality risk among male recipients but not female, and not from never-pregnant women, suggesting an immune response.
  • IDWeek CDC Updates Guidance as Candida auris Cases Grow Cases of the deadly yeast have increased exponentially in the past year in the US, leading the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to recommend that labs identify species when Candida is found.

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  • Simple Tool Shows Lasting Reduction in BurnoutPhysicians and other healthcare workers who use a simple tool for 2 weeks show reduced burnout within a few days of starting and retain the benefits a year later, researchers reported.
  • Saliva Test May Flag Early Huntington's DiseaseA simple saliva test that detects the protein Htt, which plays a key role in Huntington's disease, may provide an early marker of onset and progression of the disorder, new research shows.


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