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  • Legal Risks of Delegating Informed Consent to an NP or PA Some physicians delegate all or part of the informed consent process to their nurse practitioner or physician assistant. But this could create problems for the physician.
  • A Doctor Tells: How to Save More of Your Money Putting your family on a spending 'diet' and adopting a more frugal approach can provide you with financial freedom down the road. But it takes discipline today to reap those benefits tomorrow.
  • Malpractice Fears Continue to Motivate Physicians Malpractice fears continue to motivate physicians; the Supreme Court declines to review a records dispute; apologies expressing fault are shielded; record settlement for injured boxer and family.
  • Medscape Family Physician Practice Management Report 2017 More than 1150 physicians from over 25 specialties gave insights into workflow efficiency, income, overhead costs, staff and patient complaints, and more.


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