Steve Stiles is a journalist for Medscape Medical News

Steve Stiles

Steve is a journalist and news editor for|Medscape Cardiology. He has been reporting on cardiovascular medicine since the 1980s, when IV streptokinase was considered cutting-edge medicine, and joined the heartwire news team in 2004. Steve is the 2008 recipient of the Howard L. Lewis Career Achievement Award for health and science reporting from the American Heart Association, and was on the heartwire team that won the Online Journalism Award in the category of Specialty Site Journalism from the Online News Association in 2010. He is also proud to have been with|Medscape Cardiology in 2013 when it won the Gold Medal for Best Website from the Association of Healthcare Publication Editors. Steve is a graduate of liberal-arts bastion Kenyon College and has an MS in science communication from Boston University. He can be contacted at or .

Top Articles by Steve Stiles
  • Dark Chocolate 'Treats' Vasculature, but Added Flavanols Don't Help
    Tests that mimicked a one-day binge or month of continued indulgence showed gains in endothelial function but also markers of leukocyte activation, inflammation, and other signs of atherogenesis.
  • LVAD Thrombosis Rates: Did Pump Therapy Suffer From Success?
    A recent jump in LVAD thromboses likely had multiple causes, such as use in ever broader, sicker populations and management tweaks as clinicians felt they had grown more comfortable with the therapy.
  • PET Imaging Technique Finds Plaques 'Ripe for Rupture'
    Metabolic PET imaging showed ruptured plaques in MI patients and high-risk lesions in those with stable CAD; it said more about impending ischemic risk than did CT angiography, researchers say.
  • United Healthcare Boots Doctors From Its Part C Medicare
    Physicians are fuming about their abrupt, unexpected dismissal from the company's Medicare Advantage plans. How is it hitting cardiologists and their elderly patients?
  • Penalizing "Excess' HF Readmissions: Incentive or Distraction?
    One year after the CMS started docking hospitals that fail to meet 30-day HF readmission benchmarks, experts have plenty of suggestions for making this a more meaningful measure of quality care.
  • Beta-blockers in HF Get Bum Rap for Most 'Side Effects,' Says Study
    Many adverse effects linked to beta-blockers in heart-failure trials, which made their way into the labeling, were shown in a new analysis to have been no more common with the drugs than with placebo. The result is a disaster for some patients, according to researchers.
  • Device safety-advisory letter readability beyond most patients
    The "Dear Patient" letters issued by pacemaker and defibrillator manufacturers may be "incomprehensible" to the average person implanted with the devices, a study suggests.
  • Mehra, Starling, and Greenberg on Cheney's transplant prospects
    The former vice president was recently implanted with a left ventricular assist device, but was it for bridge therapy, destination therapy, or "bridge to decision"? How suitable would he be for transplantation? Three expert observers discuss his case with heartwire.
  • Attack of the clones
    That thud could be the sound of eight new journals landing on your desk, offspring of JACC and Circulation that focus on specific areas of cardiology. Boosters say they are good for the field, but others question how much they're needed.
  • FDA urged to change scary misnomer
    Implantable device "recalls" imply surgery to patients and their families, as well as to many doctors, when explantation isn't necessarily the best solution. So why is the FDA resisting calls for an expeditious switch to a term that's more precise? (Heart Rhythm Society 2006 Scientific Sessions.)