George D. Lundberg is the Editor at Large of Medscape Medical News

George D. Lundberg, MD Editor-at-Large, Medscape

As Editor-at-Large for Medscape, Dr. Lundberg delivers to readers his informed perspective on up-to-the minute issues affecting healthcare and the practice of medicine. In addition to his work with Medscape, he serves as Editor-in-Chief at Cancer Commons, as President and Chair of the Board of Directors of The Lundberg Institute, and as a clinical professor of pathology at Northwestern University. Dr. Lundberg has more than 30 years' combined experience as Editor-in-Chief of JAMA (Journal of the American Medical Association), the 10 AMA specialty journals, AM News, Medscape, The Medscape Journal of Medicine, eMedicine from WebMD, and MedPage Today from Everyday Health. He was called a medical Internet "pioneer" in 1995. A frequent lecturer and radio and television guest, and a member of the Institute of Medicine of the National Academies, the Industry Standard dubbed Dr. Lundberg "Online Healthcare's Medicine Man" in 2000.


Latest Articles by George D. Lundberg

  • A Better Way to Control Blood Pressure Follow the example of a primary care practice in Ohio that has successfully achieved > 90% blood pressure control in its patients with hypertension.
  • Heart Rate Variability: Ignoring a Harbinger of Health? Many of today's fitness wearables provide HRV scores, but we may be paying too little attention to their significance in health and disease.
  • Global Health Professionals Must Continue to Prevent Nuclear War A meaningful medical response to nuclear war is wishful thinking. Healthcare professionals, who know this better than anyone, must unite to prevent such a catastrophe.
  • Human Frailty Is a Cash Cow What they used to call "sugar diabetes" grew into a sweet deal for capitalism.
  • Who Owns Your Genes? Ten years ago, Congress, the President, and the Supreme Court passed legislation to safeguard your genetic information. Did it?
  • Death Is Not the Enemy Humans seem all too willing to embrace the harmful behaviors that can bring on premature death, the real foe.
  • Let's Value Health Instead of Wealth Dr Lundberg invites readers to work with him on ways to improve health and thus build a happier, wiser society.
  • Healthcare in America: Let That Tapeworm Grow Our sickness care system is one helluva jobs program.
  • 'They All Laughed When I Spoke of Greedy Doctors' Dr George Lundberg comments on unchecked greed and salve lucrum (the glorification of profit) in health and medicine.
  • Are We Transfusing Too Much Blood? Pathologist George Lundberg questions the necessity of administering 16 million units of blood or blood products in a single year.

About George Lundberg, MD

Prior to joining CollabRx, Dr. Lundberg served as President of the American Society for Clinical Pathology; Professor of Pathology and Associate Director of Laboratories at the Los Angeles County/USC Medical Center for 10 years; and for 5 years was Professor and Chair of Pathology at the University of California, Davis. He served in the US Army during the Vietnam War, leaving as a lieutenant colonel after 11 years. Prior to his military service, Dr. Lundberg completed a clinical internship in Hawaii and a pathology residency in San Antonio. He holds earned and honorary degrees from North Park College, Baylor University, the University of Alabama (Birmingham and Tuscaloosa), the State University of New York (Syracuse), Thomas Jefferson University, and the Medical College of Ohio. Dr. Lundberg has worked in tropical medicine in Central America and forensic medicine in New York, Sweden, and England. His major professional interests are toxicology, violence, communication, physician behavior, patient safety, and health system reform.