Which medications in the drug class Otic, Other are used in the treatment of Otitis Externa?

Updated: Mar 09, 2020
  • Author: Ariel A Waitzman, MD, FRCSC; Chief Editor: Ravindhra G Elluru, MD, PhD  more...
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Otic, Other

Inflammation and accumulated debris allow the growth of bacterial species. This growth is counteracted by the use of mild acidifying medications, such as acetic acid solutions. These agents are useful for fungal OE or for mild OE believed to be of bacterial origin. They can also be useful for prevention.

Acetic acid in aluminum acetate (Borofair)

Aluminum acetate has a drying effect. Acetic acid works well in superficial bacterial infections of OE.

Hydrocortisone and acetic acid otic solution (VoSoL HC)

Acetic acid is antibacterial and antifungal; hydrocortisone is anti-inflammatory, antiallergic, and antipruritic. The combination of the 2 agents is inexpensive and works well in treating superficial bacterial infections of OE.

Alcohol vinegar otic mix

A homemade mix of 50% rubbing alcohol, 25% white vinegar, and 25% distilled water is as effective as pharmaceutical acidifying agents and less expensive. It is very useful for prevention and can be used as a flushing solution for fungal infections.

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