What is the role of abdominal radiography in the workup of necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC)?

Updated: Dec 27, 2017
  • Author: Shelley C Springer, JD, MD, MSc, MBA, FAAP; Chief Editor: Muhammad Aslam, MD  more...
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The mainstay of diagnostic imaging is abdominal radiography. An anteroposterior (AP) abdominal radiograph and a left lateral decubitus radiograph (left-side down) are essential for initially evaluating any baby with abdominal signs. Perform abdominal radiography serially at 6-hour or greater intervals, depending on presentation acuity and clinical course.

Characteristic findings on an AP abdominal radiograph include an abnormal gas pattern, dilated loops, and thickened bowel walls (suggesting edema/inflammation). Serial radiographs help to assess disease progression. A fixed and dilated loop that persists over several examinations is especially worrisome.

Radiographs can sometimes reveal scarce or absent intestinal gas, which is more worrisome than diffuse distention that changes over time.

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