Which antibiotics are used in the treatment of neonates exposed to chorioamnionitis?

Updated: May 08, 2018
  • Author: Fayez M Bany-Mohammed, MD; Chief Editor: Ted Rosenkrantz, MD  more...
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Outpatient antibiotics used to treat a term neonate with rule-out sepsis have not been evaluated. Some managed care plans have discharged neonates with proven infection who appear well after antibiotic therapy. These newborns complete a course of intravenous antibiotics at home. The intravenous antibiotics are often administered via a percutaneous venous line placed before hospital discharge. A visiting nurse comes to the home to administer the antibiotics twice daily.

Depending on the type of infection found in the neonate, the duration of intravenous therapy with antibiotics ranges from 7 days (eg, perhaps pneumonia with rapid improvement or “culture-negative sepsis” based on a mildly ill or well-appearing infant with abnormal inflammatory markers like high levels of C-reactive protein [CRP] and/or procalcitonin, white blood cells, or immature-to-total neutrophil ratio) to 4-6 weeks (eg, osteomyelitis). The actual duration of treatment for different types of neonatal infections has not been studied; it is often experience based rather than evidence based.

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