When is transfer indicated in neonates with infection associated with chorioamnionitis?

Updated: May 08, 2018
  • Author: Fayez M Bany-Mohammed, MD; Chief Editor: Ted Rosenkrantz, MD  more...
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Infected neonates born at hospitals with level 1 (normal) or level 2 (special care) nurseries may require transfer to a level 3 or 4 neonatal intensive care unit (NICU). Transfer depends on the circumstances of the neonatal infection, degree of prematurity, presence of anomalies, and other pathophysiologic states. Reasons for transfer of the neonate from a level 1 or 2 nursery to a higher-level facility are outlined in Consultations.

Transfer requirements such as oxygen or assisted ventilation, mode of transportation (eg, ambulance, helicopter, fixed wing aircraft), and healthcare personnel to transport the patient are beyond the scope of this article.

Both the mother with suspected chorioamnionitis and her newborn with suspected sepsis require frequent assessments over the first 48 hours following birth. Mothers with chorioamnionitis who appear well after a brief intravenous course of antibiotics may be discharged on oral antibiotic therapy, but comprehensive outpatient follow-up care is required. General and gynecologic health is usually normal after maternal chorioamnionitis.

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