What are the neonatal sequelae of chorioamnionitis?

Updated: May 08, 2018
  • Author: Fayez M Bany-Mohammed, MD; Chief Editor: Ted Rosenkrantz, MD  more...
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The most serious risks of neonatal exposure to chorioamnionitis are preterm delivery [95] and early-onset neonatal infections (especially sepsis and pneumonia). Other adverse outcomes include perinatal death, asphyxia, intraventricular hemorrhage (IVH), cerebral white matter damage, and long-term disability (including cerebral palsy), as well as other morbidities related to preterm birth. [96, 97] The outcome of neonatal infections depends on the causative organism, the nature of the infection, the time of infection onset to time of administration of appropriate therapy, the symptoms at time of birth, and the gestational age of the infant. Prematurity and birth defects are confounding factors that must be considered when a prognosis is offered to parents or caregivers of an infected newborn. Outcomes may not be evident during the neonatal period, and long-term follow-up care is indicated in these infected neonates.

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