What is the role of injections in the evaluation and treatment of bicipital tendonitis?

Updated: Nov 21, 2018
  • Author: Britt A Durham, MD; Chief Editor: Sherwin SW Ho, MD  more...
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See the list below:

  • Although not routinely used, a local anesthetic block in the bicipital groove may help the clinician to differentiate bicipital tendinitis from referred rotator cuff pain and glenohumeral joint disease. Use of steroids during this procedure can have long-term treatment value. [25]

  • Judicious use of subacromial and/or glenohumeral joint steroid injections are recommended for persistent cases of bicipital tendinitis. [1, 25] Note: Although injection into the biceps sheath is effective, injection into the tendon itself can result in biceps tendon degeneration and rupture. [26]

  • Ultrasonographic-guided percutaneous steroid injections have been described in the literature and may result in better placement with potentially less complications.

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