Which medications in the drug class Antidiarrheal agents are used in the treatment of Colitis?

Updated: Jan 04, 2019
  • Author: David A Piccoli, MD; Chief Editor: Carmen Cuffari, MD  more...
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Antidiarrheal agents

Antidiarrheal agents are used to treat diarrhea in conjunction with rehydration therapy to correct fluid and electrolyte depletion. Note that inhibition of peristaltic activity induced by opioidlike agents (eg, loperamide) is contraindicated in established infectious colitis.

Loperamide (Imodium)

Loperamide acts on intestinal muscles to inhibit peristalsis and slow intestinal motility. It prolongs the movement of electrolytes and fluid through the bowel and increases viscosity and loss of fluids and electrolytes. It also has a mild proabsorptive effect on sodium and chlorine in the epithelial cells.

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