How is height assessment performed in suspected short-limb dwarfism?

Updated: Jan 06, 2021
  • Author: Sunil Kumar Sinha, MD; Chief Editor: Robert P Hoffman, MD  more...
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In patients in whom short-limb dwarfism is suspected, the sitting height can be obtained by measuring the upper body segment, or crown to pelvis, as the child sits upright on a platform-mounted stadiometer (or on the floor with a wall-mounted stadiometer).

  • Alternatively, the lower segment can be determined by measuring from the superior midline brim of the symphysis pubis to the floor, with the child standing (feet placed together).

  • The upper-to-lower segment ratio (US/LS) should be close to 1.

  • The ratio is more than 1 in children with shortened limbs, as it is in individuals with hypochondroplasia or achondroplasia.

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