What problems can precocious puberty lead to, and what is the role of surgical care in the treatment of precocious puberty?

Updated: Nov 30, 2020
  • Author: Paul B Kaplowitz, MD, PhD; Chief Editor: Robert P Hoffman, MD  more...
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Early onset of puberty can lead to several problems. The early growth spurt initially can result in tall stature, but rapid bone maturation can cause linear growth to cease too early and may result in short adult stature. Moreover, the early appearance of breasts or menses in girls and increased libido in boys can cause emotional distress for some children. However, not all patients with CPP who are age 7 years or older at the time of onset require treatment.

When CPP is caused by a CNS tumor other than a hamartoma, a resection should be attempted to the extent possible without impinging on vital structures such as the optic nerves. Radiation therapy is often indicated if surgical resection is incomplete. Unfortunately, removal of the tumor rarely causes regression of precocious puberty.

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