Which dietary modifications are used in the treatment of pediatric hypoglycemia?

Updated: Sep 12, 2019
  • Author: Robert P Hoffman, MD; Chief Editor: Sasigarn A Bowden, MD  more...
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As mentioned above, the dietary treatment for acute hypoglycemia is the rapid administration of at least 15 g of simple carbohydrates (4 oz of juice or most other beverages with sugar).

Dietary prevention of hypoglycemia depends on the underlying condition. In patients with a metabolic disease, avoidance of specific substances is usually necessary and is dependent on the specific condition. In patients with ketotic hypoglycemia, glycogen-storage disease, or another disorder that is not amenable to specific dietary, medical, or surgical interventions, the key is to avoid prolonged fasting and to provide a ready supply of long-acting complex carbohydrates on a regular basis.

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