What is the morbidity associated with hyperpituitarism?

Updated: Oct 24, 2016
  • Author: Alicia Diaz-Thomas, MD, MPH; Chief Editor: Robert P Hoffman, MD  more...
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Large, long standing pituitary tumors may cause loss of vision or changes in the visual field if they impinge on the optic nerve.  Transsphenoidal pituitary surgery has emerged as the treatment of choice for ACTH-secreting and GH-secreting adenomas. Transsphenoidal surgery is indicated for prolactinomas that do not respond to medical therapy. Transsphenoidal surgery is associated with remarkably little morbidity and near zero mortality. A permanent loss of pituitary function occurs infrequently. The incidence of postoperative hypopituitarism is about 3% in patients with microadenomas and slightly increases with the invasiveness of the tumor.

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