What is type 1 polyglandular autoimmune disorder (PGAD)?

Updated: Mar 10, 2020
  • Author: Kimberly Tafuri, DO; Chief Editor: Sasigarn A Bowden, MD  more...
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Patients with type 1 PGAD (OMIM 240300) usually present in the first decade of life with mucocutaneous candidiasis or hypoparathyroidism. This is an autosomal recessive disorder that involves the AIRE gene on chromosome 21 and presents with all or some of the following features:

  • Chronic mucocutaneous candidiasis

  • Hypoparathyroidism

  • Adrenal failure

  • Gonadal failure

  • Vitiligo

  • Alopecia

  • Hypothyroidism

  • Type 1 diabetes mellitus

  • Pernicious anemia

  • Steatorrhea

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