What are the signs and symptoms of borderline personality disorder (BPD)?

Updated: Nov 05, 2018
  • Author: Roy H Lubit, MD, PhD; Chief Editor: Caroly Pataki, MD  more...
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Features that typically begin in adolescence or young adulthood in patients with BPD include the following [3] :

  • Disturbances in experiencing oneself as unique, poor boundaries between self and others, and poor emotion regulation.

  • An inability to soothe themselves adequately, resulting in excess emotional reactions to stresses and frustrations; maladaptive attempts at self-soothing, suicide threats, self-harm, and angry behavior

  • An unstable sense of self with poor ability for self-direction and impaired ability to pursue meaningful short-term goals with satisfaction

  • Marked instability in functioning, affect, mood, interpersonal relationships, and, at times, reality testing

  • Disturbances in empathy and intimacy

  • A pattern of impulsivity, risk taking, and poor self-image

See Presentation for more detail.

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