What are the potential complications of pediatric allergic rhinitis?

Updated: Jun 04, 2021
  • Author: Jack M Becker, MD; Chief Editor: Harumi Jyonouchi, MD  more...
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See the list below:

  • Primary complications of allergic rhinitis (AR) are associated diseases.

  • Sinusitis is a common complication occurring secondary to the inflamed nasal turbinates that block the ostiomeatal complex of the sinuses and other sinus passages.

  • Recurrent or chronic otitis media can also be a secondary complication. It is thought to occur as a result of an inflamed nasal passages that adversely affect the drainage of the auditory tube.

  • AR can lead to rhinitis medicamentosa when topical nasal decongestants are used in excess.

  • AR can cause other conditions, such as insomnia, irritability, headache, chronic fatigue, and pharyngitis. These occur secondary to chronic nasal congestion and discharge, mouth breathing, and sleep disturbance.  It was reported that uncontrolled allergic rhinitis can exacerbate symptoms of ADHD, tic disorder, anxiety and OCD.

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