What are the signs and symptoms of alcoholic hallucinosis in withdrawal syndrome?

Updated: Oct 19, 2020
  • Author: Nathanael J McKeown, DO; Chief Editor: David Vearrier, MD, MPH  more...
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As many as 25% of patients with a prolonged history of alcohol abuse have alcoholic hallucinosis. Alcoholic hallucinosis can occur 24 hours after the last drink and continues for about 24 hours.

Symptoms consist of persecutory, auditory, or (most commonly) visual and tactile hallucinations; however, the patient's sensorium is otherwise clear. In the early stage, the patient recognizes frank hallucinations. However, in the advanced stage, these hallucinations are perceived as real and may provoke extreme fear and anxiety. The patient can be seen pulling at imaginary objects, clothing, and sheets, for example. Hallucinosis is not necessarily followed by delirium tremens (DT).

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