What is the clinical presentation of hepatic echinococcosis (tapeworm infestation)?

Updated: Apr 15, 2021
  • Author: Lisandro Irizarry, MD, MBA, MPH, FACEP; Chief Editor: Jeter (Jay) Pritchard Taylor, III, MD  more...
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Hepatic echinococcosis can cause signs of abdominal pain and a palpable mass in the right upper quadrant.

The physical examination may mimic cholelithiasis or jaundice from compression of the bile duct. Additionally, the patient may have chronic pancreatitis and signs and symptoms therein as related to the location and the size of the cystic infestation.

Rupture or leakage of the hydatid cyst produces fever, urticaria, and potentially fatal anaphylaxis.

Pulmonary cystic rupture may result in clinically impressive hemoptysis.

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