What are adverse effects of desmopressin vasopressin analog for hemophilia A?

Updated: Jun 05, 2020
  • Author: Douglass A Drelich, MD; Chief Editor: Srikanth Nagalla, MBBS, MS, FACP  more...
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Hyponatremia due to water retention is a potentially serious adverse effect. Patients should be advised to limit water intake for approximately 12-18 hours after the administration of DDAVP, until the antidiuretic effect passes, and should avoid three consecutive daily doses. Due to risk of hyponatremia, any use of IV fluids should be reviewed carefully and sodium levels may need to be monitored.  In addition, patients should be alerted to the distinct drop in urine output they will experience after DDAVP administration, and the subsequent increase when the antidiuretic effect of DDAVP wanes.

Tachyphylaxis may occur even after first dose, but the drug can be effective again after several days. A minor adverse effect of DDAVP is facial flushing.

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