What is the role of venom immunotherapy in the treatment of insect bites?

Updated: Jun 21, 2018
  • Author: Boyd (Bo) D Burns, DO, FACEP, FAAEM; Chief Editor: Joe Alcock, MD, MS  more...
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All patients who have had significant or systemic reactions to Hymenoptera envenomations in the past should consider venom immunotherapy as an outpatient, because it is well tested, highly effective at preventing future reactions, and widely available. [23] Pregnant females are not usually initiated on this therapy secondary to lack of safety data, but they can consider continuation of therapy begun prior to impregnation. However, preterm labor has been reported in several cases dealing with this population. Otherwise, standard supportive care should be taken for cutaneous Hymenoptera envenomations. [23] Anaphylaxis should be promptly recognized and treated in the standard fashion. Fetal data are limited but the adage "what is good for the mother is good for the fetus" may well also apply to anaphylaxis.

See Hymenoptera Stings.

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