Which features of epiglottitis portend a poor outcome?

Updated: Apr 28, 2020
  • Author: Sandra G Gompf, MD, FACP, FIDSA; Chief Editor: Jeter (Jay) Pritchard Taylor, III, MD  more...
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A retrospective study by Bellis et al of 11 adult cases of fatal acute epiglottitis reported the chief postmortem observations to include hyperemia and edema of the epiglottis and aryepiglottic folds. [15]

A retrospective study by Shapira Galitz et al indicated that in adult acute epiglottitis, patients with an aggressive disease course are more likely to be male, have dyspnea and stridor, present with edema of the epiglottis and aryepiglottic fold, and have an elevated C-reactive protein level, hyperglycemia, and a history of recurrent episodes. [16]

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