What is the role of peripheral nerve injury in the pathogenesis of neurogenic bladder?

Updated: Dec 24, 2020
  • Author: Bradley C Gill, MD, MS; Chief Editor: Edward David Kim, MD, FACS  more...
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Diabetes mellitus, AIDS, and iatrogenic injury can result in peripheral neuropathy that causes urinary retention. These disorders interrupt the nerves to the bladder and may lead to silent, painless distention of the bladder. Patients with longstanding diabetes also often have an impaired sensation of bladder filling, complicating the situation further. As with sacral cord injury, affected individuals will have difficulty urinating and can develop a hypocontractile bladder. Other diseases resulting in this condition are poliomyelitis, Guillain-Barré syndrome, severe genitoanal herpes infection, pernicious anemia, and neurosyphilis (tabes dorsalis).

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