What is the global prevalence of premature ejaculation (PE)?

Updated: May 25, 2021
  • Author: Samuel G Deem, DO; Chief Editor: Edward David Kim, MD, FACS  more...
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Estimates of premature ejaculation in European countries and India mirror the prevalence in the United States. [15] The prevalence in other parts of Asia, Africa, Australia, and elsewhere is unknown.

According to the DSM-5, the estimated prevalence of premature (early) ejaculation is highly variable and depends on the definition being employed. [4] Although more than 20-30% of men aged 8-70 years report being concerned about the rapidity of their ejaculation, only 1-3% would be classified as having premature (early) ejaculation according to the current DSM-5 criteria (ie, ejaculation occurring within 1 minute after intromission and before the individual wishes).

In a Korean study, the definition of premature ejaculation used yielded marked differences in outcome. The prevalence of premature ejaculation was 19.5% by self-reporting, 11.3% based on a premature ejaculation diagnostic tool (PEDT) score of 11 or higher, and 3% based on stopwatch-recorded intravaginal ejaculation latency time. [16]

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