What is the role of ultrasonography in septic arthritis (SA) imaging?

Updated: Sep 19, 2019
  • Author: Lourdes Nunez-Atahualpa, MD; Chief Editor: Felix S Chew, MD, MBA, MEd  more...
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Ultrasonography (US) is a low-cost, widely available, noninvasive technique that allows side-to-side characterization of joints, differentiation between intra- and extra-articular disease, [31]  and guided relief of tension due to effusion in a painful joint. [32]  The use of ultrasound for diagnosis of joint effusions has been described since 1987. It is an extremely sensitive method  [33]  that can detect as little as 1-2 ml of fluid in a joint. Capsular distention in the hip, noted as convexity of the anterior recess when compared to the contralateral, can be easily identified. [32]

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