What is the pathophysiology of stroke affecting the ischemic penumbra?

Updated: Nov 30, 2018
  • Author: Andrew Danziger; Chief Editor: L Gill Naul, MD  more...
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Ischemic tissue can be functionally divided into the irreversibly damaged infarct core and the ischemic penumbra surrounding it. The infarct core is the central zone of dead or dying tissue in an ischemic area. Surrounding the infarct core is tissue with less severe reduction in blood flow that may be salvaged with early reperfusion, termed ischemic penumbra, and oligemic tissue at the periphery. Without reperfusion, the zone of infarct core may extend to involve the penumbra. The goals of modern ischemic stroke diagnosis and therapy lie in identifying the infarct core and determining if any significant salvageable tissue exists. [13]

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