What is the role of nonfibrillar components of amyloid in amyloidosis?

Updated: May 09, 2019
  • Author: Robert O Holmes, Jr, DO; Chief Editor: Herbert S Diamond, MD  more...
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All types of amyloid deposits contain not only the major fibrillar component (solubility in water, buffers of low ionic strength), but also nonfibrillar components that are soluble in conventional ionic-strength buffers. The role of the minor components in amyloid deposition is not clear. These components do not appear to be absolutely required for fibril formation, but they may enhance fibril formation or stabilize formed fibrils.

The nonfibrillar components, contained in all types of amyloid, are discussed below. However, note that other components found in some types of amyloid include complement components, proteases, and membrane constituents.

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