Which medications in the drug class Interleukin Inhibitors are used in the treatment of Familial Mediterranean Fever?

Updated: Apr 07, 2020
  • Author: John O Meyerhoff, MD; Chief Editor: Herbert S Diamond, MD  more...
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Interleukin Inhibitors

In patients with FMF, uninhibited pyrin activity results in uncontrolled production of IL-1 which causes inflammation and may be accompanied by joint pain, swelling, muscle pain, and skin rash.

Canakinumab (Ilaris)

Human monoclonal anti-human IL-1beta antibody of the IgG1/kappa isotype. It binds to human IL­1beta and neutralizes its activity by blocking its interaction with IL-1 receptors. It is indicated for the treatment of FMF in adult and pediatric patients.

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