Does gout have a racial predilection?

Updated: Jan 26, 2021
  • Author: Bruce M Rothschild, MD; Chief Editor: Herbert S Diamond, MD  more...
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Gout has an increased prevalence in some populations but is rare in others. For example, the frequency of gout is higher in populations such as the Chamorros and Maori and in the Blackfoot and Pima tribes. Many Maori and other Polynesian women have a genetic defect in renal urate handling that places them at risk for hyperuricemia and gout. [59] However, racial differences may at least in part reflect differences in diet, which has a large influence on the clinical expression of gout.

In the United States, the incidence of gout is 3.11 per 1000 person-years in African Americans and 1.82 per 1000 person-years in whites; the excess risk can be partly explained by a higher frequency of incident hypertension. [60] In contrast, clinically recognized gout is extremely rare among Blacks living in Africa. [61]

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