Which clinical tests should be performed during rehabilitation of a vertebrobasilar stroke?

Updated: Aug 09, 2021
  • Author: Vladimir Kaye, MD; Chief Editor: Stephen Kishner, MD, MHA  more...
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Further clinical testing may include the following:

  • Oculomotor examination - Visual tracking, convergence/divergence, saccades and smooth pursuit movement, spontaneous and gaze-evoked nystagmus, static/dynamic visual acuity, and vestibulo-ocular reflex (VOR)

  • Positional testing - Hallpike-Dix maneuver

  • Static balance - Romberg, sharpened Romberg, and single leg stance (each test is performed on even and uneven surfaces, with eyes open and closed)

  • Dynamic balance - Thorough gait assessment, including head turning, tandem gait, retro walking, negotiating obstacles, and turning

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