When is inpatient care required for aspiration pneumonia or chemical pneumonitis?

Updated: Aug 15, 2018
  • Author: Justina Gamache, MD; Chief Editor: Guy W Soo Hoo, MD, MPH  more...
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Patients with aspiration pneumonia, both chemical pneumonitis (chemical pneumonia) and bacterial pneumonia (bacterial pneumonia), need inpatient care for several reasons, including the acuity of illness, host factors, and the uncertain course and prognosis of aspiration pneumonia. [16]

Patients with severe hemodynamic compromise and/or persistent respiratory distress should be admitted to the intensive care unit (ICU). Intubated and ventilated patients must be transferred to a hospital with an ICU, as well as patients with signs or symptoms indicating severe sepsis or septic shock.

Patients with stable respiratory and hemodynamic status can be managed on a general-care floor.

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