What is the role of drug treatment for panic disorder?

Updated: Mar 21, 2018
  • Author: Mohammed A Memon, MD; Chief Editor: Randon S Welton, MD  more...
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The American Psychiatric Association (APA) found insufficient evidence to either recommend any pharmacologic intervention as superior to others for panic disorder or to routinely recommend combination therapy over monotherapy. [55] However, pharmacotherapy is recommended for patients who prefer to be managed with medication or those who don’t have the time or other resources to participate in psychosocial therapy. [55] Keep in mind that patients with panic disorder are twice as likely as the population to use alternative therapies. The use of dietary supplements (e.g., herbs) should be discussed to avoid drug interactions.

It is important to inform patients of the potential adverse effects of specific pharmacotherapies, as well as a realistic time frame for expecting results and the likely duration of treatment. [55, 56]

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