When is inpatient care indicated for the treatment of sleep-wake disorders?

Updated: Aug 21, 2019
  • Author: Roy H Lubit, MD, PhD; Chief Editor: Ana Hategan, MD, FRCPC  more...
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Inpatient care is rarely, if ever, required for treatment of insomnia. Only a severe underlying medical, psychiatric, or substance abuse disorder would warrant inpatient care. The numerous possible medical causes of sleep disorders make them difficult to diagnose and necessitate regular appropriate follow-up care until the final diagnosis has been made and successful treatment has been implemented. Several medical specialists may be needed for care and consultations; these may be coordinated by the patient’s internist, personal physician, or medical sleep specialist. Regular follow-up care, even if infrequent, is necessary once appropriate medication is successfully in use. (However, medication may be unnecessary.)

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